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Igniter | The Right Way to Convert Leads into Customers – And Hints to Increase Your Profit
Online marketing for everyone! The affordable inbound marketing engine.
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The Right Way to Convert Leads into Customers And Hints to Increase Your Profit

Inspire. Engage. Convert.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do. Sounds easy doesn’t it? So why don’t more people do it? It takes a bit of planning, and some of us with short attention spans have a tough time concentrating. You can do it! Really! Here are five ways to convert leads into sales to increase your cash flow.

1. Pick your niche

Do it already. You must have a targeted audience. You cannot speak to the whole world and expect to get results. Trust me; I’ve done it. You get nada. Once you master being concise with your messaging. Tell your audience what you do, what problem you solve, how your business is different, and how your customer’s life/organization will be different after doing business with you.

Igniter is a simple, full-service inbound marketing platform. We provide a cost-effective structure for your online marketing solution. Manage your content, social channels and online platform in a single service.

2. Inspire

Get romantic. Don’t be crazy. I mean mentally, not physically. Tell your audience how they should treat their clients/potential clients. Share help tips and tools on how they can get that sale and snag that profit.

Be their best cheerleader. You want them to keep coming back for more encouragement and inspiration. Ask questions that you know your audience is asking.

Give them a hint of how they can achieve their desired result by offering a solution through your products or services.

Igniter solves a few problems:

  • Simple
  • Cost effective
  • Manages inbound marketing {ie., social, email, landing page and analytics} in one single service.

3. Engage

Get on the social channels that your niche is on.

Post relatable and helpful content. Abide by the 80/20 rule. Eighty–percent helpful and informative content, 20–percent selling. Don’t be pushy. You’re trying to create a relationship, a following. Remember, you’re dating and wooing.

Blog consistently and make sure you post quality content.

Frequency is not as important as quality. Whatever frequency you choose, be sure that you’re consistent. I suggest starting out conservatively and build momentum and frequency.


Believe it or not, email is a more personal way to engage with your clients. Think about it. It comes directly addressed to them in the inbox.

This is a fabulous way to share additional tips and tools and your blog posts. Email lets them know that you’re thinking about them.

Be careful not to be too salesy. You don’t want to turn them off. Again, just like blogging, consistency and quality are key.

4. Think Engine versus Funnel


To be truly effective in online marketing, you need to build inbound marketing equivalent of the perpetual motion engine: a more seamless stream of marketing content, constantly generated and put out online on a regular basis.

Think constant content generation to fuel the machine. Continue to nurture relationships with the client/prospect. Keep them coming back for more.


The whole concept of a marketing funnel worked in conjunction with a sales or lead funnel has been an important building block of any marketing or sales drive.

Taking a broad to narrow approach of trying to capture an audience (customers) and taking them down the funnel towards the ultimate objective of conversion (or sell through) has been the essential blueprint for any marketing effort.

Think one and done. No more need to wine and dine. It’s over. You’ve got your sale.

5. Convert

How do you know when you have a convert? They’ve filled out a form, signed up for your newsletter and bought a product or service.


  • Before launching a product or service, create publicity for it in your community by announcing it months ahead of time, getting people talking about it and finding influencers to promote its release as well.
  • Offer content and information that educates the prospect about your product or service (i.e., blog, graphics, white paper, video, etc.)
  • Encourage them to sign up for your email list.
  • Buyers do their research online.
  • Submit a press release about your product or service. Enlist reviews to get more exposure and credibility.
  • Put together an email campaign that sends interesting content to new email sign-ups.
  • Send them special offers to sign-up for a free trial or consultation.
  • Follow up with a sales call, email or postcard.

Remember, you’re providing value and building relationships before a sale is made.

Congratulations, you’ve built your foundation now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What tools has work well for you in the inbound marketing process?

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